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Vážení hosté,

  z důvodů stále pokračující pandemie Covid 19 a restrikcím ze strany  
  státu, jež si vybral gastronomii za obětního beránka a přenašeče nákazy mezí občany, jsme nucení  dočasně uzavřít  
  restauraci Zlatá Kovadlina.   



Činíme toto rozhodnutí s bolestí v srdci, jelikož se tím končí jeden krásný a naplněný sen, který byl ne vlastní vinou ukončen.


Děkujeme všem svým zákazníkům za dlouholetou podporu a věříme,
že na nás budete vzpomínat v dobrém

stejně jako my na Vás.                


Loučí se s Vámi personál restaurace Zlatá Kovadlina a její provozovatel

Milan Hoffmann.    



Otevření 17.7.2004


Uzavření 31.12.2021

















The steady menu

 Taste the Czech Republic,
Traditional meals from the old Czech kitchen:
150gFiled of beef with cream sauce served wih cranberries and tradicional
150gBoar Goulasch with traditional patatoes pancakes  189,-
150gBraised beef cheeks in red wine and vegetables, mashed potatoes  189,-
550gRoasted duck with cabbage and selection of Czech dumplings  289,-
  70gFresh bread with pork scratching pate and spring onion    59,-
100gPork rilletes in gravy    99,-
  80gBest beef carpaccio with pesto and toasted bread  189,-
100gMarinated betroot carpaccio with goats chesse and toasted seeds    99,-
100gBeefsteak tartar served with fried bread (toast) and garlic (4 slice)  189,-
 Garlic soup with bread croutons    43,-
 Traditional cabbage soup with sausage    59,-
 Main course
500gHonney roasted pork ribs, served with fresh bread and garlic dip  259,-
200gPork tenderloin with mushrooms ragu and spring onion (cream)  249,-
300gGrilled pork shoulder marinated in smokey sea salt with garlic sauce  199,-
200gVenison medallions in red wine and cranberries  369,-
150gGratined chicken strip in pot with bacon, cheese and raw potato - pancakes
200gMarinated Tandoori chicken steaks (yogurt, Tandoori paste)  169,-
300gMonster meat skewer with pan fried potataoes and dreied tomatoes
(chicken breast, pork tenderloin, vegetables)
250gSouth American beef steak with BBQ sauce  355,-
200gBeef steak with garlic butter and demi glace sauce  389,-
150gKovadlina burger with caramelised onion, served with salad and chips
(garlic and BBQ sauce)
 Chef recommendations
300gBeefsteak with gren beans and bacon (garlic)  569,-
150gBlacksmith s forge with beans and Tequila, on a hot pan
(beef, pork, chilli, garlic, green beans, ketchup)
150gBeef sirloin chilli goulash on a hot pan with bread or toast  299,-
200gFried pork schnitzel (steak) in breadcrumbs with parmesan, served
with mashed potatoes cranberries
 Vegetarian dishes
120gFried gouda cheese served on vegetarian mayonneise with yoghurt  109,-
 Lentil cakes served on leaf salad, with mashed potatoes  125,-
 Special potato gnocchi with leaf spinach, pan fried onion and sour cream  139,-
180gPikepearch fillet served with corgette ragu (cream)  339,-
180gSalmon fillet with parma ham and herb butter  349,-
200gGrilled trout fillets, served on warm vegetable salad  229,-
 Pasta and Gnocchi
 Gnocchi with Tyrolean bacon, mushrooms and parmesan  179,-
 Linguine pasta with sun dried tomatoes, pan fried vegetables, herb
and parmesan
 Mixed fresh vegetables (cucumber, tomato, paprika)  / with Greek cheese    75,-
  / 89,-
 Greek salad with orange, olives, Feta cheese and freshly baked baguette    99,-
 Leaf salad with smoked salmon, boiled egg and Dijon dressing  179,-
 Warm salad with grilled vegetables and schicken strips  139,-
 Traditional Caesar salad with anchovies dressing, chicken strips and garlic
croutons, Parmesan shavings
 Side dishes
 Mashed potatoes with onion and leek, bacon    45,-
 Roasted potatoes with onion and bacon    49,-
 French fries - Chips    40,-
 Fries - American potatoes    45,-
 Boiled potatoes    39,-
 Traditional fried potatoes pancakes 4 pcs    44,-
 Roasted green beans with bacon    60,-
 Rice    35,-
 Grill vegetables / hot mix vegetables    60,-
 Sliced dumplings / potato dumplings    34,-
 Bread (slice)      5,-
 Cheese and roasted almonds
150gSelection of cheese with grapes, nuts, apples and picked onion  169,-
100gRoasted almonds with salt    89,-
 Cold sauce and flavouring
  70gBBQ sauce    28,-
  70gGarlic sauce    28,-
  70gChilli sauce    28,-
  70gTartar sauce    28,-
 Desserts and Ice creams
 Sacher cake with apricot jam, decoratet with chocolate and cream    79,-
 Home strawbery cheesecake    75,-
 Crème brûlée    89,-
 Choice of ice creams, served with a waffle biscuits    69,-
 Banana split, served with vanila ice cream    59,-
 Information for our customers:     
  Under the Sales Records Act, the seller is obliged to expose the buyer
receipt. At the same time, he is obliged to register the received revenue
with the tax administrator online; In the event of a technical outage,
within 48 hours at the latest..
 We charge 70% for half portions.
 Should you wish to order one of our dishes prepared from raw meat
ingredients please bear in mind it would eaten on your own risk.
 Our chefs and cooks are fully responsible for the quality and thorough
preparation of your dishes
- Our head chef Karel Novotný, sous chefs and his team.
                                                            Proprietor restaurant Milan Hoffmann

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In the pub even on the street
we are at your service.
Everything that consideres food,
I do not understand politics.
Jaroslav Vašata
  Dear guests,
Welcome to Zlatá Kovadlina Restaurant.
Our restaurant has been preparing for many years traditional Czech cuisine in a modern, sometimes light but still honest way.
We have been certified in the project Czech Special
"Taste the Czech Republic",
which is complemented by current trends in modern gastronomy using fresh ingredients and herbs.
The Culinary Revolution of recent years has inspired us to prepare you for the old-fashioned dishes of our ancestors, served in new, interesting variations and lighter forms. Meals are prepared by our experienced chefs using regional food with a guarantee of freshness and quality.
We will be happy to advise you on choosing a good meal combined with a good wine that will only enhance your culinary enjoyment.
We have a new beer on tap. Beer as a jewel - Bernard 11 °.
Pleasant moments spent over good food, quality wine and beer
                          wishes the staff of
                          Zlatá Kovadlina Restaurant

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