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  Pátek 25.5.2018  
  Náš ledový čaj z čerstvé máty s citronem a ledem  0,4 l   33,-

Bezinková limonáda s citronem  0,3 l

(bezinkový sirup z kvetu, perlivá voda, citron, led)

  Bertrams SMOOTHIE  0,33 l (jahoda s banánem a jablkem)   45,-

Polední menu  /cena jídla je včetně polévky/

  č. 1  
  Polévka zeleninový krém  
  Jahodové knedlíky z tvarohového těsta se zakysanou smetanou 115,-
  č. 2  
  Polévka zeleninový krém  
120g Vepřový steak zapečený s rajčaty a mozzarellou, hranolky a zelný salát 125,-


  Hovězí polévka s játrovými knedlíčky, nudlemi a zeleninou    39,-
  Polévka zeleninový krém   35,-
  Hlavní jídla  /100g/  
  Svíčková na smetaně s houskovými knedlíky, brusinkami a šlehačkou 129,-
200g Pečený králík na šafránu se žemlovými knedlíky 169,-
  Linguine pomodoro s čerstvou bazalkou a kuřecím masem  /à la minute/ 139,-
300g Kachna pečená po staročesku s variací knedlíků, bílým a červeným zelím 155,-

Šéfkuchař doporučuje  /à la minute/


Plněná kuřecí prsa s listovým špenátem a anglickou slaninou, žampionová

smetanová omáčka a mačkané brambory



The steady menu

 Menu was compiled in cooperation with Association of hotels
 and restaurant in projeckt
 Taste the Czech Republic:
 National dish
150g Fillet of beef with cream sauce served with traditional dumplings and
carlsbad – style dumplings complimented by cranberries and lemon
 Beef soup with parsley butter    35,-
 Regional dish
 Old fashioned home made potato dumplings with greaves and red cabbage    95,-
420gLeg of chicken ala „good housewife“ roast chicken with cabbage
 Grandmother´s lattice pie with soured cream    59,-
550gRoast duck with honey and baked applesred cabbage and a selection
of Czech dumplings
 Constant offer traditional dish
150gVenison goulash with dumplings  169,-
200gSlowly roasted pork neck on farmer's style with flutty potato dumplings,
350gTraditional dumplings made from grated raw potatoes with smoked pork
and sauerkraut
 Today´s special
150gPheasant breast „Bohemia“ served with liver goose, pear with cranberries
and traditional carlsbad – style dumplings (mushrooms, bacon)
200gBoar fillet hunter´s style served with almond croquettes
(pickled onions, rosehip sauce and wine)
200gVenison tenderloin with juniper and cranberries
(red wine)
300gBeefsteak with green bean and bacon
  70gTraditional liver pate with a touch of cranberry sauce, garnished
with marinated pears in red wine
  70gBeef carpaccio marinated with flakes of parmesan,rocket, sun dried
tomatoes and fresh ground pepper
  70gSliced Parma ham with marinated dried plums in Port wine and sliced
almonds, supplemented with Galia melon
100gBeef steak Tartar with Toast (4 slice)  189,-
100gMozzarella with tomatoes and Pesto sauce    79,-
100gRoasted tiger prawns on a preheated pan Piri Piri – hot and spicy
(garlic, hot pepper, butter)
 Finest cream of oyster mushrooms soup (garlic, cream)    45,-
 French onion soup with a slice of chesse toast    45,-
 Traditional garlic soup with croutons (brad cubes), ham and cheese    39,-
 Small salads
 Small vegetables moxed salad
(lamb s lettuce leaves, wild rocket, lamb´s lettuce, vinegratte dressing)
 Greek salad with oranges and feta cheese
(tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives, vinegar)
 Shopska salad - Balkan salad with Greek cheese
(tomatoes, cucumber, onion, sweet pepper)
180gRoast salmon wrapped in Parma ham and served with herb butter  349,-
180gPike perch filled á la Miller, with baby carotts with mushrooms  309,-
180gGrilled tuna fish steak on roasted potatoes with capers and dried tomatoes  249,-
200gRoast trout with cumin butter and spring vegetables
(8,- Czk for every 10g over weight)
 For our little guests
  80gTurkey fillet gratin with broccoli, ham and cheese, served with steamed rice    89,-
100gFried fishy bite with potatoes puree    85,-
  80gWiener schnitzel with dishes of wish yours child    85,-
 Poultry dishes
150gTurkey roulade with Tyrolean bacon served on leaf spinach
(garlic, cream)
150gChicken breast with wegetables and ginger
(curry powder, onion and courgettes)
200gGratinated turkey breast with mozzarella and mushrooms
(cream, tomatoes, pesto)
200gBuffalo chicken steak with blue cheese sauce
(garlic, honey, mustard, Roquefort blue cheese)
 Pasta dishes
 Linguine with pesto, salmon and pine nuts
(garlic, white wine, pesto and cream)
 Linguine aglio e olio peperoncino with chicken meat and sun dried tomatoes
(garlic, olive oil, chilli, hot pepper)
 Gratinated penne pasta with chicken
(vegatables, sun dried tomatoes, basil and béchamel white sauce)
 Vegetarian dishes
 Penne pasta with mushrooms and parmesan cheese (cream)  139,-
150gBroccoli flat cake with sesame crust with parsley potatoes
(garlic, cream, flour, egg)
 Our specialities
200gViennese pork schnitzel with crushed potatoes with sautéed onions
and bacon cranberries
150gBeef sirloin chilli goulash scolded on a blacksmith´s pan with bread
or toast (chilli, garlic, red pepper)
200gPork filled stuffed with Parma ham, Mozzarelle and walnuts  249,-
150gBlacksmith's forge with beans and tequila
(beef, pork, chicken, chilli, garlic, onion)
 Beef dishes
250gBeef steak with BBQ sauce
(argentinian matured beef)
200gJägermeister Beef steak
(cream, green peppercorns, parsley, Jägermeister liqueur)
200gPepper Beef steak  379,-
150gBeef medallions with pepper sauce
(green pepper, brandy, cream)
 Pork dishes
150gJuicy pork medallions with mushrooms and cream sauce
(mushroom, cream, white wine, onion)
200gRoasted pork tenderloin with bacon on leave spinach with gratinated
potatoes (cream, garlic)
300gMarinated grilled neck of pork with garlic sauce
(soured cream, mayonnaise, garlic)
 Salads dishes
 Caesar salad with chicken and croutons
(Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, anchovy dressing)
 Cobb salad with chicken breasts
(tomatoes, peppers, avocado, blue cheese, English bacon, eggs and garlic)
 Vegetable salad „Pikant“ with chicken meat, smoked salmon
and herb dressing (mozzarella, cream, tomato, garlic, lettuce, apples, nuts,
sweet chilli dressing)
 Avocado salad with cheese and toast
(honey, olives, nuts, melon, Gorgonzola cheese, lemon)
 Dessert and sweet dream
 Tiramisu with cream    69,-
 Fruit dumplings with grated gingerbread and pouring cream    65,-
 Créme brulée    79,-
 Traditional apple Austrian Linzer cake with cream cheese ice cre, am and nuts    59,-
 Variation ice cream with hot forest fruits and whipped cream    69,-
 Caramel ice cream with walnut and caramel cream, whiped cream    65,-
 Sundae „Kovadlina“ acording to your wish with fresh fruit, whiped cream    65,-
 Acording to your wish we could prepare „fruit salad“ made of fresh fruits    65,-
 Cheese and roasted almonds
150gSelection of cheese with grapes, nuts, apples and picked onion  155,-
100gRoasted almonds with salt    80,-
 Cold sauce and flavouring
  70gTartar sauce    20,-
  70gBBQ sauce    20,-
  70gGarlic sauce    20,-
  70gChilli sauce    20,-
  70gKetchup Heinz – tomato sauce    20,-
  25gParmesan cheese    25,-
 Boiled potatoes    30,-
 Mashed potatoes    38,-
 Jacket potato with garlic sauce    40,-
 Roasted potatoes with onion and bacon    42,-
 Gratin potatoes with cream    40,-
 French fries - Chips    35,-
 Potatoe croquettes    40,-
 Fries - American potatoes    38,-
 Tradicionel fried potatoes pancakes (4 pcs)    38,-
 Hot mix vegetables    45,-
 Pasta    33,-
 Rice    33,-
 Vegetables rice    36,-
 White and red cabbage    27,-
 Sliced dumplings    27,-
 Potato dumplings    27,-
 Roasted bybby bean with bacon    60,-
 Grill vegetables    60,-
 Bread (slice)      5,-
 Information for our customers:     
  Under the Sales Records Act, the seller is obliged to expose the buyer
receipt. At the same time, he is obliged to register the received revenue
with the tax administrator online; In the event of a technical outage,
within 48 hours at the latest..
 We charge 70% for half portions.
 Should you wish to order one of our dishes prepared from raw meat
ingredients please bear in mind it would eaten on your own risk.
 Our chefs and cooks are fully responsible for the quality and thorough
preparation of your dishes
- Our head chef Karel Novotný, sous chefs and his team.
                                                            Proprietor restaurant Milan Hoffmann

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In the pub even on the street
we are at your service.
Everything that consideres food,
I do not understand politics.
Jaroslav Vašata
  Dear guests,
Welcome to Zlatá Kovadlina Restaurant.
Our restaurant has been preparing for many years traditional Czech cuisine in a modern, sometimes light but still honest way.
We have been certified in the project Czech Special
"Taste the Czech Republic",
which is complemented by current trends in modern gastronomy using fresh ingredients and herbs.
The Culinary Revolution of recent years has inspired us to prepare you for the old-fashioned dishes of our ancestors, served in new, interesting variations and lighter forms. Meals are prepared by our experienced chefs using regional food with a guarantee of freshness and quality.
We will be happy to advise you on choosing a good meal combined with a good wine that will only enhance your culinary enjoyment.
Pleasant moments spent on good food, quality wine and better beer Zlatopramen 11°
                          wishes the staff of
                          Zlatá Kovadlina Restaurant

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