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Bezděz Castle

King of castles - one of our most important Gothic monuments, is the dominant feature
of the area called Macha's country.

Kokořín Castle

Kokořín Castle stands in the sandstone rocks of the Kokořín Mine (Kokořínský důl), above the valley of the Pšovka Creek.

Kost Castle

The most preserved Czech medieval castle standing on a rock promontory at the site of two massive rocky valleys.

Máchovo jezero

Our eighth largest pond, with four beaches ideal for summer recreation, in the landscape below Bezděz.

Michalovická putna

Ruins of the castle above the Jizera Valley. Its inclined tower is one of the best observation towers in the region.

ŠKODA Auto Museum

Škoda Auto Museum exhibiting around 340 exhibits on an area of 180​0m², including the oldest 1905 car.

Valečov Rock Castle

Rock Castle, its appearance is heavily influenced by sandstone rocks, in which it was partially carved and partially built.

Mnichovo Hradiště

Baroque chateau with extraordinary interior equipment, including a theater with original backdrops.

Stránov Chateau

Neo-Renaissance chateau, rebuilt from the original medieval castle, designed by architect Josef Schulz.

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